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Survey questionnaire

Here you can see the travel preferences questionnaire developed under the TTLS project. The present research is carried out with the aim of capturing the travel preferences and behaviors related to the tourist destination, the means of transportation and the technologies used. It is our honor if you take some time to complete it.

Pilot application during Covid-19

On the occasion of the opening of tourism as a result of the mitigation measures to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cooperation for the transfer of know-how and pilot implementation of the TTLS platform, which is under development, in the context of providing partner businesses to tourists

Collaboration with companies

The project implementers will have the opportunity to cooperate with 3 companies for the testing and pilot implementation of the project in order to check and evaluate its contribution to the tourism industry. These 3 companies include:  a) visit meteora,  b) thessaloniki sightseeing,  c) and transfervip,

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