Tourist Transportation and Leisure Services Optimization using Intelligent Systems

Quality Assurance and Customers’ Satisfaction
to every Travelling Experience

Meet TTLS Project


The objective of the project is to create a pioneering platform for recording prices, quality and quantity measurements, which will be installed in fleets of public transport vehicles, enabling companies to find the cheapest, safest and most profitable routes of tourist interest. This will ensure the quality and satisfaction of the travel experiences they provide. In addition, it will directly contribute to meeting the needs of the traveller for transportation, touring and leisure to his destination.


Effective use of new communication and information technologies and the Internet of Things by providing integrated solutions

Bus Excursions

Effective connectivity and support of industry professionals, with the aim of maximizing the value that the visitor receives from the consumption of industry services

Consulting Services

Providing ground consulting services for product development based on consumer needs

New gen transportation

Quality of road transportation with new generation vehicles

Sustainable Development

Sustainable tourism development through the promotion of sustainable solutions

Competitive Tourism

Strengthening the national ranking as reflected in the widely recognized Tourism Competitiveness Index

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TTLS Project Goals

Providing integrated ground transportation solutions and targeted proposals to enhance and optimize the travel experience

The Team behind the Project

The Team behind the Project

Few info about TTLS Project

Project brief


TTLS - Tourist Transportation and Leisure Services Optimization using Intelligent Systems

Project Code


Funding - Action

NSRF 2014-2020 Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Field of Action

Intervention II (Business Partnerships with Research Organizations) "of the priority area" 2-TCI: Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries "

Project Duration

17/10/2018 - 17/03/2023



Meet our Partners

Our Partners

The companies that are active in the provision of land transportation tourism services and with which TTLS platform will be tested in real environment are shown below

Visit Meteora

Tourist company Visit Meteora organizes guided tours, tours and excursions in Kalambaka and Meteora

Thessaloniki sightseeing

Thessaloniki Sightseeing offers a complete tour of Thessaloniki with open buses. With stops at numerous monuments, museums and churches of the city, we provide a complete picture of Thessaloniki

Transfer VIP

Transfer Vip undertakes the transport with luxury mini van inside & outside Thessaloniki with experienced language learners who are an ideal choice for your travel. It also organizes day trips to popular destinations

Recent News

Follow up the progress of the project during its execution through our important announcements

A workshop about the results from TTLS project took place in Thessaloniki on April the 12th 2023. At the workshop, experts from the domain sectors of tourism, IoT, transport and mobility were present.

Here you can see the travel preferences questionnaire developed under the TTLS project. The present research is carried out with the aim of capturing the travel preferences and behaviors related to the tourist destination, the means of transportation and
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On the occasion of the opening of tourism as a result of the mitigation measures to reduce the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cooperation for the transfer of know-how and pilot implementation of the TTLS platform, which is under
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