Name of Cookies Cookie Provider Purpose Detailed Information
Cookies whose names start with _ut* και _ga, _gid, _gat, AMP_TOKEN, _ga_exp,_gac_*. Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google DoubleClick, Google Optimize These are web analytics cookies provided by Google Inc. They are used to collect information about the use of the website by visitors. We use this information to extract statistics and data that will help us improve our website. Also these cookies may be used to offer the desired and personalized advertising experience to each user. To learn how to use Google the cookies and the additional information collected through our website, read our privacy policy on services of Google Analytics and DoubleClick / AdWords. If you do not want Google to collect this information, you can use the opt-out plugin. Works on most browsers.
act, c_user, datr, fr. Facebook Facebook collects information about the visitor to provide personalized advertising and statistics on the visitor’s actions on the website. Learn about Facebook’s Cookies Policy .
Cookies their names start with _pk_ref, _pk_cvar, _pk_id, _pk_ses, _pk_hsr Matomo With these cookies, the Matomo service collects statistics on how visitors use the website. Find out how Matomo uses cookies .  
__utm*, dnt, guest_id, personalization_id,, external_referer, _gid, eu_cn, twitter_ads_id, mbox, netpu, ads_prefs, remember_checked_on Twitter With these cookies , Twitter collects performance statistics and improves the content of the ads it displays to the visitor, according to the content that seems to interest him. These cookies are also used for twitter widgets, such as the notification button. Learn how Twitter uses cookies . Learn about ways you can control the use of this data.
Bcookie, bscookie, lidc, L1c, Bizo* LinkedIn LinkedIn uses cookies to display relevant advertising content inside and outside LinkedIn, and to collect statistics on ad performance. It also uses them for LinkedIn widgets, such as the notification button. Learn about the policy use cookies to LinkedIn . If you do not want to see personalized ads, you can change your selected account settings.
gro_* Dotsoft These are cookies created by the Dotsoft website. We use them for the statistical analysis of the traffic data of the visitor to our website. We also use them to enhance the visitor advertising experience. These cookies do not store personal data that can identify the visitor. Their function is to simply identify events, such as registering a visitor in an update list. They have a life expectancy of up to 5 years.